Birthdays Past

This page is birthday's I did before this blog. Since I have an age gap of 11 years between my oldest and the babies, I haven't done a birthday party in YEARS! I love looking online for great ideas and thought I would post my older birthday creations.

Sam's 2nd birthday!
April 10, 2010

When I did this birthday I had not checked all the sites that show great tablescapes. My  focus was on the cake and the birthday banner, we stood behind the cake and took pictures of the birthday guests.

For the cake I used food coloring for the frosting and a blank wooden train plaque that I hand painted. I hot glued on the pipe cleaners and a flag that said happy birthday.  To make it stick in the cake I used candle picks, I took off the birthday candle and glued the pick part onto the bottom of the train where the wheels are. This was easy to do and had a great finished look. Although, I do need more practice on frosting and decorating cake.

For the banner, I did in word.  I just inserted a picture of a train in a box and did a fill color. I cut them out and glued them on construction paper.

 I just punched holes them tied string between...but there has to be an easier way to tie the banner together. ill have to do more research before my next party! If you have a suggestion please leave a comment.

I also made Sam a birthday T-shirt. The only problem is I THOUGHT I had a white t-shirt for him and I didn't only gray, so the shirt didn't come out clear.  I found an image and placed text- I'm two!- in it then reverse printed onto iron on paper.

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